Sweet Mexican avocado corn salad recipe with black beans 2019

Corn saladCorn salad

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above all

Blackberry and corn salad is fresh, crushed, finger and nutrition salad. Beans, tomato, corn, and pepper are thrown with a narrow vinaigrette and the dish of cumin and pepper powder. These nuts are perfect summer with the BBQ chicken and every week the great lunch is well-kept in the refrigerator!


  • Fish (without quint) —– half kilos
  • macaroni —– Paste half
  • Salt —– Custom taste
  • Pepper crushed —- a teaspoon
  • Lime juice —- Two meal spoon
  • Ghee —- Two Meat Spoon
  • Milk —- half past
  • Egg —- – a number
  • Mrs. Past paste —— A dyeing spoon
  • Double breadth —— customization
  • Rice flour —– Customization
  • Baby Corner – Six to eight
  • Oil —- – to walk

how to cook

  • Cut the small pieces of fish and clean them clean – boil the salt-boiled water, make macaroni boiled for twelve and fifteen minutes and then add one of the cool water to it. After five to seven minutes, pour out the water and take water. Spray the juice of the first lime on these plants, then apply salt and pepper well-mix milk, egg and a paste in a bowl, and add salt and pepper to a little bit. Take a mixture in the mixture – then add macaroni boiled to it with mint and make long tall rolls – double bread Roll in the thief, warm the oil in the frying medium for three to four minutes, and make them roll around the rolls.
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