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Russian saladRussian salad

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the most popular traditional salad of Russian cuisine. It is also known as Oliver Salad and is very impossible for European and Latin American countries, and its high nutrition value in South Asia. Russian cuisine is served as a star or app as a restaurant before the full course meal. It is manufactured with boiled potatoes, carrots, apples, nutrients, Mumbai, peas, cream, yogurt, black pepper, salt and mayonnaise. The healthy ingredients of Russian salad are mixed with Mayonnaise sauce dressing, it offers a great taste of taste. Russian salads are offered here by  recitation that it is also easy to spend less time and less. Try  dinner  or lunch, try this unique Russian salad and get the ultimate taste.

to prepare

25 mint
The institution


  • Potato 2. after that
  • Carrot 2. in addition to
  • Apple 1. in addition to
  • Walnut 50 gm.
  • Rhinestone 50 m.
  • Mayonnaise ½ cup.
  • Pepper ¼ tbsp.
  • Taste salt.
  • Cream 4 space.


to cook

35 mint

how to cook Russian salad recipe

  • Potato and carrot boiling. after that
  • Cut apples, potatoes and carrots in cubes. in addition to
  • Carpentry carrots, boiled potato, apple, walnut, Kashmir, pepper, cream, cream well.
  • Offer delicious Russian salads with greasy chicken and zooplankton. after that
  • To serve, garnish with letting leaves, cutting cucumber and carrot length slices. after that
  • Tips: Dry green peas or emerging chicken can also be included in salads. in addition to
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