Italian salad dressing recipe with salami Jamie Oliver in Urdu 2019

Italian salad

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Italian make-up recipes
Full-time preparation

20 minutes
Cooking time

0 minutes
How many people are there?

8 people

186 calories

how to make Italian salad

To make the time before, add ingredients to the bowl (except crown) and do not cut tomatoes. Cover with a little sample paper towel and find plastic wrapping and refrigerate for 24 hours. Ratty leaves preventing leaves (rather than cutting) from salad or preventing quickly, if you are preparing this salad (if you are serving it, it is just fine to cut)


  • 1 macaroni (boiled) two cups. after that
  • Pepper two peppers (extract seeds and cut cubes).
  • 3 green onion (chop) double number.
  • 4 carrots (chop) double number.
  • 5 eggs (boiled) 2-3 numbers.
  • 6 Cream Two spoons.
  • 7 lime juice one teaspoon.
  • 8 minerals and 5 meal poles.
  • 9 olive oil one teaspoon.
  • 10 cabbage (cordoned) a cup.
  • 11 popups (for tuning) custom choice.
  • 12 salt, white pepper powder customized taste.

To prepare

  • 1 Mix a Macaroni, Shrimp Pepper, Green Onions, Carrots, and Mix Cabbage in a bowl.
  • To prepare 2 dressing, mix cream, lime juice, mayonnaise, olive oil, salt, white pepper powder in a one-second bowl.
  • Now put the dressed dressing in a bowl with vegetables and macaroni.
  • Delicious Swallow Salad is prepared out of the sand bowl.
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