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How to prepare Alyson’S Broccoli bacon salad recipe for 30 2019 in Urdu

Alyson’S Broccoli Salad

Allison’s broccoli salad has a high calorie, average carb, high fat, and average protein content. It is a good source of Vitamin C.

The meal contains 28 grams of carbs. The carbohydrate profile of the food suggests that it is low in complex carbs and average in normal carbs. Carbs are our primary source of energy, but the source must be chosen with caution. Complex carbs are a more desirable addition to your diet, while ordinary carbs should be used in moderation as they are easily broken down, absorbed and absorbed into the body. It contains 20% of the sugar content below. This is for people who are looking at sugar intake. With 7 grams of protein, it is on average protein content, an important macronutrient that helps repair tissue provides energy and improves immunity.

However, if you are on a low-fat diet plan, high-fat content makes it inappropriate. A quick look at the fat profile reveals that it has high saturated fat and low in trans fat.

It is also rich in vitamin C, which has its benefits, but it is also safe from immune system deficiency, cardiovascular disease, pre-birth health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkles. ۔

Although sodium is an essential nutrient, high doses can lead to various disorders such as fluid retention, hypertension. Since it has an average density of sodium, it is suitable if you are looking for a healthy, low sodium diet.

Ideally eaten as a side dish.

Our comprehensive nutrition rating system, which examines every nutrient factor in which this meal is prepared, has a nutritional rating of 70 for Allison’s Broccoli Salad, and we recommend This food is in moderation.

mein ziyada taaqat nahi hai .

Mari Site Pa Ana Ka Lea Shukria Salad-Recipes.Info

  • Tasdeeq Shuda Brokoli Se Nafrat Karne Walon Ne Is Tarkariyan Chakhnay Ke Baad Apna Zehan Badal Liya Hai. Poat Lux Ya Bufit Khanay Ke L-. Yeh Bohat Acha Hai. Is Se Qabal Aik Din Ya Is Se Pehlay Ke Aap Ajzaa Ko Mil Karne Ki Khidmat Karen. Mein Ne Safaid Cheeni Ke Liye Cheeni Ke Mutabadil Ka Istemaal Kya Hai Aur Noon Foot Ya Kam Charbi Wali Mayouunaise Bhi Istemaal Ki Hai Aur Is Ka Zayega Ab Bhi Bohat Acha Hai !

15 Minute
Kick :
15 Minute
Kal :
30 Minute
Khidmat :
6 .
Ziyada Se Ziyada Srong :
6 .
Pedawar :
6 Srong
Ghizaiyat Se Mutaliq Maloomat

Khidmat Mein Kami
6 .
Khidmat Mein Izafah

Ajzaa ./Salad Banay Ka Saman

  • Asal Nuskha Se 6 Srong Millti Hain .
  • 10 Slice Beckon
  • Kaat Size Ke Tukron Mein Kaat 1 Sir Taaza Brokoli ,
  • ¼ Kaali Laal Pyaaz, Kati Hui .
  • ½ Cupp Kishmish .
  • 3 Chamach Safaid Sharaab Sirka
  • 2 Chamach Safaid Cheeni
  • 1 Cupp Mayounnaise .
  • 1 Cupp Sooraj Makhi Ke Beej .

Alyson’S Broccoli Salad

! Hum Aap Ke Qareeb Farokht Par Koi Ajza Nahi Paskte Hain. Kya Hamaray Paas Sahih Zip Code Hai ?

Hadayat/ Salad Banay Ka Tareka

  • Marhala Number 1
    Beckon Ko Aik Barray, Gehri Khujli Mein Rakhen. Darmiyani Onche Garmi Par Yaksaa Tor Par Bhuri Honay Taq Pakayen. Drain, Toot Phoot Aur Aik Taraf Rakhna
  • Marha 2
    Armiyanay Katori Mein, Brokoli, Pyaaz Aur Kishmish Ko Akhatta Karen. Aik Chhootay Se Pyaale Mein, Sirka, Cheeni Aur Mayounasie Ko Aik Sath Pheink Den. Brokoli Murakkab Par Daalo, Aur Achi Terhan Se Mila Jaane Taq Toss Karen. Kam  Kam Do Ghantay Ke Liye Fridge Mein Rakhen .
  • Marhala 3 .
    Khidmat Karne Se Pehlay, Tukre Hue Beckon Aur Sooraj Makhi Ke Beejon Ke Sath Salad Toss Karen .
  • Ghizaiyat Haqayiq
    Har Khidmat Karne Par :
    559 Calorine؛ 48. 1 Jee Kal Fat؛ 31 Mili Gram Colestrol ؛ 584 Mili Gram Sodium. 23. 9 Jee Carbohydreta 12. 9 Jeeproteen؛ Mukammal Ghizaiyat
  • Meri Site Dekhnay Ke Liye Shukriya. Yeh Meri Bees Chaar Article Hai. Mein Umeed Karta Hon Ke Aap Wat6Ch Meri Site Ka Lutaf Utthayen Ge. Aur Agar Aap Article Ya Site Mein Kuch Behtari Chahtay Hain To Mujhe Batao Ke Comment Mein Kya Hai .
  • Shukriya Ke Liye Shukriya | Mazeed Parheen
  • Laks Med Salat
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