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Cauliflower saladcauliflower-salad

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    time to cook

25 mint

ingredients for prepare salad

  • 1 group, snooker and cutting.
  • Toasted same seed  .
  • radishes, to Garnish.
  • 155 mm L   (2/3 Cup) Natural yogurt.
  • 4 tea spoon (straw seed paste).
  • 1 tea spoon clear honey.

To cook

45 mint

how to cook salad

  • Break cabbage in small flowers, spoon in boiling water rock for two minutes, groove and cool. Put a bowl with dust.
  • mix all ingredients in a bowl, To make dressing. Put on the salad and mix well.
  • Sprinkle with spoon and spicy seeds in the shining dish. Garnish service with soil.
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