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Avocado salad recipe with chicken shrimp tomato mango Jamie Oliver

Avocado saladAvocado salad

welcome to my site salad-recipes.info

above all

is hadaayat mein barri, pakka sun-hwa  aur wala wala mithai, ya  pyaaz ka istemaal karne ke liye yakeeni banayen. mujhe lagta hai ke aap usay pasand karen ge.

time in prepare

20 mint

for 4 people

Avocado salad

Pakany ka saman/ingredients

  • 12 adad slices pancetta. in other word (pancetta) means bakery cake
  • 50 gm pine nuts. in addition to in other words (pinenuts) means pine nuts
  • balsmicka  vengir. after that
  • olive oil 2 chay ka chamach. in addition to
  • sea salt hassba zayka. in addition to
  • kalimirch kaa powder. after that
  • 6 adad avocados, stond, peeled and quartered. in addition to
  •  adad bara baby spanich , washed.
  • finally your salad ingredients almost complete

time in cook


Banay ka tareka/ how to cook

  • frriban ko gharam kara or pancetta clice ko ache tarha frri kara. Ese frri pan ma halke agah par pinenuts ko gharam kar la. similarly
  • ab es ma 1 adad chay ka chamach blasmic vinger , 2 adad chay ka chamach olive oil slt or kalimirch dala.
  • nutrition
    126 kailoree; 10 graam vasa; 10.2 graam kaarbohaidret; 2.1 graam proteen; 0 mileegraam kolestrol; 9 mileegraam sodiyam
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